Natural Treatments

4 Times When Nature Provided the Cure

As a consumer, it’s hard to know who to trust when it comes to any type of treatment never mind those that are considered alternative or holistic.

Natural therapies have been around since mankind first inhabited the earth and many of our greatest medical advancements have been based on natural ingredients.

Consider these important benchmarks in medicine that at the time, that today would certainly be considered Holistic Treatments.

Likely the most important medical advancement in history, this vital infection killing medication was discovered through the interaction of how naturally occurring mold was a highly effective treatment for festering and painful infections.

A naturally occurring substance that comes from the earth, aspirin has been used for thousands of years to treat fever and pain.

One can only wonder how the Federal Drug Commission and the large pharmaceutical companies would deal with aspirin or penicillin if it was discovered in today’s age of regulation and drug patents.

To further this discussion, we can take into consideration vitamins such as Vitamin C which is naturally occurring in many of our foods – and is widely used to boost immunity and promote overall general health. Scientists in Australia have had significant success in treating cancerous tumors with Vitamin C – but is a practice that is illegal in the United States.

A Natural Solution for Diabetes

In 1920, Frederick Banting discovered that the naturally occurring substance produced by a healthy pancreas called insulin could be administered to patients with Type II diabetes – a discovery that has saved millions of lives.

When Banting first introduced his natural cure for Diabetes, the medical community ridiculed him for his findings.

A Natural Cure for Smallpox
Smallpox has been more deadly to humans than the plague and had killed tens of millions of people when Doctor Edward Jenner discovered that using the puss from a common blister that formed from those that worked with cows was highly effective in not just treating the Small Pox virus, but eradicating it completely.

Ironically the Medical Institution Board in 1796 wouldn’t allow Jenner to use the treatment on humans.

Going with his confidence in his “ natural discovery “ he exposed a young boy to his treatment that he called Vaccina which is derived from the Latin word for cow and subsequently is why we use the word vaccine. Six weeks after administering the cowpox Infection to the boy, he exposed him to the smallpox virus which had no effect. Not only had Dr. Jenner’s natural cure solved the deadly disease of Small Pox – but it would become the basis for all the vaccines to come.

By the way, the cow box virus was taken from a dairy cow named Blossom who’s leather hide still hangs in London’s St George’s School of Medicine.