Detox Live Longer

The Importance of Detoxing Lead from Your Body

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Ten years ago, I embarked upon a personal road to recovery after suffering a near-fatal neurological disorder caused by pesticide poisoning from two decades of exposure to DDT in India, combined with the mercury in my dental amalgams.

Unfortunately, my case is not especially unique. Examples of poisoning by environmental and dietary toxins during the history of humankind are pervasive throughout the medical literature:

  • Many ancient Romans unknowingly died of lead poisoning from the lead pipes used in their plumbing systems, and low-level lead poisoning may have caused the insanity of some of their emperors.
  • American sailors became ill during the Second World War from lead poisoning. As a result, the lead was removed from ships’ paint (and later from all paints), and it was Navy doctors who first developed chelation therapy.
  • In the 1950s hundreds of terribly deformed babies were born in Japan’s Minamata Bay area due to parental consumption of fish from the surrounding waters contaminated by industrial, mercury, which inhibits fetal development during formation of the brain and neurological system.
  • Close to 10,000 people died or became ill in Iraq in 1972 after ingesting bread made with wheat that had been treated with a mercury-based fungicide.

These are the types of events which resulted in the refinement of tests over time to detect toxicity levels of all heavy metals and other toxic substances such as PVCs and solvents, as well as the development of effective treatment methods. Over the past 60 years, the enormous increase in the use of heavy metal-laced pesticides and industry’s reliance on mercury, lead, barium, arsenic, and platinum also increased the need for such diagnostic methods and treatments.

The science of medical toxicology is growing as fast as the production of toxins did in the past decades. When the Human Genome Project was recently completed, the first major benefit was not (as hoped for by greedy investors) the identification of specific diseases located on specific genes. Instead, on April 16, 2003, the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. held a press conference announcing that their research has identified some 200 genes which are exquisitely vulnerable to environmental toxins known to be linked to cardiovascular disease and cancers. Many of these genes are regulatory, continuously affecting thousands of other genes simultaneously. So attempting to genetically manipulate even one of them, in the hope of conferring resistance against our pervasive environmental poisons, is now thought to be impossible.

Thus the Human Genome Project has unwittingly affirmed the basic tenets of environmental medicine – that healthy humans require: avoidance of toxins in air, food, soil and water; preventive or therapeutic detoxification; and sustaining nutrition uncontaminated by processing, genetic manipulation, and synthetic chemicals. None of this can be patented. Instead, the world must be cleaned up, if we wish to survive as a species.

Mainstream medical research has made great gains in scientific detective work and developed all the current detoxification techniques, yet very few doctors are trained to recognize the toxic origin of most diseases because medical school curricula and clinical practice guidelines are created by drug companies
in their own image: namely dependency-creating symptom-controlling drugs. Fortunately, there are many naturopathic doctors who have always known better, as well as a rapidly increasing number of physicians who are becoming frustrated with “managing” diseases instead of curing their patients.

The methods for establishing the presence of bacteria, viruses and parasites are well-established and standard medicine knows how to handle those. But the diseases that are threatening to bankrupt the wealthiest countries today are those caused by environmental toxins. On May 13, Ontario’s Premier Dalton McGuinty announced an additional $1.8 billion to be spent on health care while also observing that health costs are rising faster than inflation, mainly because of more expensive new drugs and the exponential increase in chronic disease. (These drugs obviously don’t work: otherwise chronic illness would not keep increasing in lock-step with the increasing pollution.) Furthermore, Alan Greenspan, chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, told Congress that rising health costs threaten the U.S. economy most, presumably more so than their various ongoing wars (Medical Post, May 3).

Finding ways to protect ourselves against disease-causing pollution is now as urgent as developing national standards of sanitation was for our ancestors who discovered bacteria. Any medical model requires the need to understand what kind of environment we must create, or preserve, in order to survive.


According to the World Health Organization, the gold standard for detecting environmental toxicity is hair analysis. Like no other known diagnostic tool, it proves that each of us is in fact poisoned, impaired, exploited, and often sacrificed to make somebody rich through being forced, without our knowledge, to take into our bodies substances on which our industrial economy depends. Corporate anonymity ensures no responsibility will be taken for the resulting cancers, asthma, obesity, and destroyed children’s brains.

A a conference on hair, tissue, and mineral analysis was held in Toronto. Dr. George Tamari (MD) of Anamol Laboratories, and Dr. Patricia Wales (ND) of Alberta (a chelation expert), taught health professionals the most recent advances in the use of these tests. Information gained from hair is more accurate than from blood and urine, which only inform about the last few hours. Blood and urine give the picture of the moment only, informing about what the body discards after the last meal, but not about what toxic metals are stored deep in the tissues where they systematically destroy the organs over time. By the time blood or urine show toxicity and lack of essential minerals the patient may be close to death.

By contrast, hair analysis can show deficiencies that will have future consequences before signs and symptoms of illness have begun: hair analysis is history, diagnosis and guide to a highly specific therapy all in one. Hair shows months of toxic metal accumulation averaged out over time, as well as the depleted status of beneficial metals and minerals. Hair analysis reveals what is happening on the battlefield and who is losing. (Archaeological hair analysis has even helped
establish the declining nutritional status of agrarian populations when agriculture began some 10,000 years ago with
its reliance on mono-diets, the so-called “staples”, after millions of years on much more varied diets.)


Detoxification treatments fall into two groups: those that require a doctor and those that don’t. It takes a medical doctor or a naturopathic doctor to interpret a hair analysis, and legally only medical physicians can provide intravenous therapies. However, for people who are not desperately ill and for purposes of prevention anybody can learn the basics and apply them. That is why the resource section at end of this article is so extensive. A couple of weeks of intensive reading, a hair analysis test in the range of $50, and daily mineral and vitamin supplementation can prevent cancer and save your life. The most comprehensive information on environmental toxins and relevant therapies is available from the International Medical Veritas Association

Toxicology is the branch of biology that is considered to be “exact” like physics. If your hair analysis shows the presence of toxic metals, they should be removed. The available protocols include the following, usually in various combinations:

  • Accessing the bloodstream with chelating drugs to remove toxic metals intravenously; this requires the use of vitamins and beneficial minerals, like magnesium, to be infused simultaneously to ensure that heavy metals do not injure the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract during elimination. (Note: chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease follows different protocols so almost nothing discussed here applies.)
  • Using the skin’s excretion powers through far infrared sauna, clay in baths or poultices, acupuncture to increase lymphatic drainage, herbal foot patches to utilize the body’s ability to excrete toxins through osmosis. The infrared sauna utilizes the body’s largest organ (the skin), which constantly excretes toxins through sweat, while also increasing the cell-division process (healing) and mobilizing lymphatic drainage (the internal cleaning process). Sauna therapy also requires supplementation of vitamins and minerals to offset those lost in sweat.
  • Orally supplementing with beneficial minerals that are antagonistic to the toxic ones, thus slowly removing them (e.g. magnesium chelates mercury, zinc detoxes lead, etc.). Since all toxic metals deplete essential and beneficial metals/minerals, increasing the intake and bio-availability of beneficial metals helps to excrete the toxic ones.
  • Dietary changes: organic food is less acidic and more alkaline due to the absence of pesticides, and it promotes bio-availability of beneficial minerals.
  • Removal of all “silver” amalgams (absolute must in all cases, though timing may vary individually).

Often the above methods are tailored to the specific patient, as Dr. Grace Zeim does at Johns Hopkins Center for Environmental Medicine. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in Seattle is one of the world’s leading experts in detoxification. He explains: “there are no true detoxification agents: all we have
are mobilizing agents. The body has to do the excreting with the help of proper mobilizing agents.” Hence, the training provided in chelation therapies by the American Academy for the Advancement of Medicine teaches how and when to use which method and how to titrate intravenous chelation over time and intensity, the deciding factor being individual patients’ tolerances and the extent of patients’ prior organ damage.

Environmental and dietary toxins can kill rapidly or slowly, through one-time powerful doses, or through low-level exposures over long periods of time. The mode of action is systematic blockage of essential nutrients and interference with the function of the organs that naturally handle detoxification (liver, skin, kidneys, bowels). Different metals affect different organs as prime targets: mercury attacks first the kidneys and then the brain and spinal chord, lead attacks the brain, all affect the liver.

Detoxification combined with nutrient replenishment are the two inseparable activities of intervention and preventive medicine. Fortunately, we now know how to treat and prevent the effects of almost all the poisons which humanity has inadvertently or intentionally created (depleted uranium being the awful exception).

For example:

  • The medical literature has reported that Alzheimer’s patients, already in diapers and unable to feed themselves, were able to return home to their families after being rapidly detoxed by intravenous chelation from heavy metals.
  • Raving lunatics locked up in mental hospitals woke up to normal consciousness after detoxification.
  • Autistic children, poisoned either by a tuna-fish eating mother during pregnancy or by mercury-preserved (thimerosal) vaccines have had their brain functions restored by various detox protocols.
  • The prevention of damage to a fetus is achievable by analyzing the mother’s toxicity and nutritional status through her hair, and then detoxing her prenatally.


Fortunately, my own personal road to recovery was facilitated by my dentist, who was a member of the International Academy for Oral and Medical Toxicology. He sent me for a hair analysis to ascertain heavy metal levels and to establish bio-compatibility for the substitute fillings.

When determining appropriate detoxification protocols, my own experience has been most dramatic with foot patches made in Japan from wood vinegar. Due to a life-long kidney problem caused by decades of exposure to DDT and amalgams, intravenous chelation was not possible for me, my right kidney being too damaged to handle toxic metal excretion. Infrared sauna therapy, one of the best methods, was not an option either because my “temperature gauge” (the hypothalamus) is also damaged from the mercury.

So effective healing was only initiated after complete amalgam removal, switching to an organic diet, and taking three times daily, for many years high doses of vitamins C, B, E, selenium, beneficial minerals and essential fatty acids (often given intravenously to get the nutrients into the tissues faster).

A few months ago, I also learned about the herbal foot patches developed by Japanese doctors; these access the 4,000 sweat glands and hundreds of major acupuncture points in our feet while we sleep. Their efficacy has been confirmed by the environmental medicine lab, SCR Analytical Lab in the U.S.,
which found traces of heavy metals, benzene, methyl alcohol, various toxic dyes and PCBs in used patches discarded from
patients’ feet after being applied overnight. Hair analysis on these patients, before and after use of the patches, revealed a drastic reduction of heavy metals even in extreme cases after just three months of use. Apparently, the secret is wood vinegar’s enormous absorbing power. The effectiveness of this pyroligneous acid is enhanced through the feet’s acupuncture points. Really impressive is also that this a very cost effective detox method (see below).

After five weeks of using the foot patches nightly, I experienced a tremendous increase in energy: no more brain fog! And I appear to tire out my grandchildren these days, need fewer supplements lost most of the aches and pains which I had resigned myself to accepting as part of aging, sleep like a
baby without melatonin, and most importantly manage to attend lectures and conferences in that generally toxic public buildings without being knocked out for a few days afterwards. In six months’ time another hair analysis will provide objective proof of how much these pads have removed. A word of caution: it is essential to take B vitamins and a full-spectrum mineral cocktail twice during the day, as these pads also remove beneficial minerals during the night.

Today we can do what Hippocrates told us 2,500 years ago to do, namely to understand that health is our “most valuable possession and learn how to treat  illness by [our] ownjudgment.”