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    As problems go this is probably not the most earth shattering but I have always had a problem swallowing pills, particularly large pills.

    Recently I bought some vitamins supplements, seemed like a good idea, they contained the usually laundry list all sorts of good of stuff and things. But when I opened the bottle OMG these d ohickeys could choke a horse.

    When I try to swallow one they seem to get stuck part way down and I have a hard time convincing it to complete the trip. This is most unpleasant and only happens with pills, I do not have any problems with ordinary food. Tried cutting them in half, which helped, but just very slightly. Next I tried grinding one up and mixing it with water and drinking it. Oh! Yucky, phooey, very bad idea. Currently, I am cutting them into quarters and at that size, with just the right amount of water, I can get them down without to much problem. But it sure is a lot of work for one pill.

    [Am I getting older or is elevator music getting better?]

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