The Run About 2500 Mobility Scooter Review

With an aging population and the mobility challenges that come with growing older – mobility scooters have never been more popular as seniors and those with disabilities look for means to retain their freedom and independence.   A quality mobility scooter allows for extended trips to the mall, around the neighborhood or to the park and when one takes into account the cost of a taxi on a yearly basis to even pick up the basics like a loaf of bread or quart of milk from the grocery store – a scooter becomes a cost-effective decision.

Enter the RunAbout 2500 currently being sold by Factor Direct Scooters ( )  FDS is a unique website that allows consumers to buy directly from the factory and cut out the middle man and mark up.  The result is that for the same price as a scooter with far less features and durability, buy a higher end model that will serve you well over the coming years.

Never the less, we wanted to test the RunAbout and just as importantly compare it to the other models of similar class.

When you look at purchasing a scooter, there are several key elements you will want to take into consideration.   The first being the range of the scooter and how far it can reliably travel on a single charge.   The second key factor is the weight capacity of the unit and how big of a person it can carry.  Keep in mind that the heavier the load ( or person ) the less battery life you are going to get per charge.  The third element to consider is the strength of the motor and its ability to climb hills when necessary.

Other considerations such as top speed, automatic include breaking and size all play a factor as well when comparing mobility scooters.

Sizing Up the RunAbout 2500

The RunAbout 1500 from Factory Direct Scooters is a mid-class mobility scooter with a 260 pound carrying capacity.  Built on a sturdy steel allow frame, it’s powered by a 180-watt electric motor which delivered in our testing smooth performance with no sudden jerks or slippage.  The RunAbout is rated for a maximum trip distance of 12 miles on a single charge at a top speed of just under 4 miles per hour.   We did an 8 mile round trip with a test driver of 205 pounds and the scooter showed no signs of running low on power.

We tested the scooter on a couple of different slopes to see if there was any serious loss of performance and was pleasantly surprised at how it kept its power up – showing little sign of fatigue or incapacity to climb moderate slopes.   The four-inch clearance provides the ability to travel over less than perfectly flat ground as well as to travel through slush or low levels of snow.

This scooter features solid 8 inch tires or chrome accented rims.  Solid tires are the best choice for scooters as there is no risk of getting a flat or a change of air pressure due to temperature and weather changes like a bicycle would have.

The unit features electronic non-slip slope brakes which prevent the scooter from sliding on a hill while parked or waiting for a traffic light – an important feature when you think about it.

Pricing and Value

The RunAbout 2500 is currently available on Factory Direct’s website for $895 which includes free shipping.  Our unit took 12 days to arrive from date of payment which is impressive since it comes directly from the factory overseas.  In comparison to units of equal power and capacity,  the RunAbout is priced about $400 to $1000 less than comparable units, making it a truly wholesale priced scooter.


The scooter comes 95 percent assembled and ready to go.  The only components that need to be put together is the seat pole which simply slides into the mounding stem.  In addition, the front basket needs to be attached.  Both of these tasks are very simple and require no real skill to accomplish.  The biggest challenge you’ll face is unpacking the unit from the carton it is shipped in which only takes a few minutes.

Our Conclusion

Dollar for dollar, the RunAbout is likely about the best value on the market.  It’s an attractive, well built and reliable mobility scooter with the power and range to provide trusted transportation.  The unit is very stable and well built and when compared to other models of similar power and features, it offers significant value to the buyer.



Long Life Guide receives no affiliate commission for our review of this product.  The opinions and findings our those of the reviewer.